Fees information


Guided tours in Italian or in one foreign language (among main European languages):

Duration of visitNumber of peopleStudentsAdults
Half a day (3 hours at the most) up to 35 people € 140,00 € 160,00
  over 35 people (up to a maximum of 55 people) € 150,00 € 180,00
Full day (8 hours at the most) up to 35 people € 230,00 € 250,00
  over 35 people (up to a maximum of 55 people) € 250,00 € 280,00

The “maximum duration” indicated includes possible breaks and lunch in the case of full day excursions; in the case of a delay, the guide will wait for 1 hour at the most (unless some agreement is made): the visit will be automatically shortened accordingly.

The fees include transfer expenses if the guide needs to travel to meet the group (inside Friuli-Venezia Giulia), but the tour should end in the same location where the meeting took place. Otherwise refer to “pick-up” extra charge.

Buses with top floor and more than 55 people require 2 guides.


For the group to be picked up at the hotel (if it is not in the location where the visit takes place) and/or for the visit to end in another location different from meeting point + € 35, 00
For every extra hour or part of extra hour + € 35,00 / each
Evening tours after 8 o'clock p.m. regular fee + 10%
For every other language besides the first one regular fee + 20%
For visits inside exhibitions and temporary shows + € 40,00


3 days before the foreseen visit € 85, 00
Whole amount due, if the group fails to show up without cancelling the visit (waiting time: 1 hour).  

Special conditions:

Possible discounts for low season 10% on normal fees
Fees upon request for families on their own and for repeated guided tours lasting over a certain time period


Prepayment or at time of meeting.
Vouchers: 20% extra charge
As of art.10 of the DPR 633/72 and further amendments, guided tours at archaeological sites, museums, etc. do not contemplate VAT
(Mandatory) Duties on invoice + € 1,81

N.B.: We want to underline that we have the authorization to work as tourist guides also inside the Historical Museum of the Miramare Castle in Trieste: we can quote a price per person for the guided tour, upon request (minimum of 20 paying visitors).